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Cat Insurance

Bringing a pet into your home and your heart is one of the most wonderful experiences which creates a lifetime of love and total dedication. With today’s growing need of financial protection, the pet’s needs should not be overlooked. They get sick, they get hurt - in fact accidents strike two out of three family pets and the same number will require intensive veterinary care at some point in their life. The sad but true fact is that a large number of animals are destroyed because of the inability of owners to pay for prescribed medical treatment.
Decisions about finances at the time of an emergency is tough. Emotions and sensitivities are running high and no one wants to make the decision that could affect your pet’s future.
There are health insurance plans available for animals that ensures that your pet gets the medical attention it deserves with the financial protection and peace of mind when you need it most. There are different plans designed for different levels of protection available depending on your needs. Some cover only the basic needs while others cover both basic and elective measures.
Some insurance plans are subject to age limitations, waiting periods, and medical history.
See your veterinary office for details on the plans that are available for your pet. It is an investment that may prove to be the best thing you ever did for your pet.