Laird Eglinton Pet Hospital

211 Laird Dr.
Toronto, ON M4G 4G9


Dr. Larry Tung H.B.Sc, DVM

Having grown up in Toronto, Larry attended University of Toronto and received his Honours degree in Zoology in 1988. He pursued veterinary medicine shortly after this and graduated from the Atlantic Veterinary College in 1994.

Coming back to Toronto to rejoin his family and friends, Larry helped establish the Laird-Eglinton Pet Hospital in 1996, and has been here ever since. Although active in all aspects of companion animal practice, his greatest interests lie in small animal soft-tissue surgery.

Outside the clinic, Larry makes his family a priority and spends a lot of time racing around with his daughters Lydia and Isabelle, wife Rita, and cats Rudolf and Eric.

He also enjoys sports and can be frequently found playing volleyball both in the gym and on the sand.


Larry befriending a penguin during an international veterinary conference