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 Litter Training

Unlike human babies, kittens can’t be kept in diapers until their old enough to control their inner workings. Kittens are usually relatively easy to train as they seem to know instinctively just what the litter box is for.
Cats are generally conscientiously clean animals, but they have to know where the litter box is, and be able to get in and out of it easily.
Most people keep the cat’s litter box in the bathroom or secluded in the basement. Keep in mind though that a very small kitten may have difficulty getting up and down stairs. Two litter boxes in different areas of the house would be even better so if they wander they will not be caught short. Cats appear to prefer to do their business unobserved, so allow them some privacy. It’s not that they’re shy - modesty and shame are concepts alien to cats. It’s probably just that they feel vulnerable when caught perched in the litter box, and cats don’t like to feel trapped.
As for the type of litter boxes, plastic or baked enamel pans are easy to clean and will not react with the urine. Be very sure that it is stable and won’t shift or tip when the cat goes in. One disaster like that, and they won’t go near the litter box again!
Always clean it with soap and hot water (probably about once a week), but take care to avoid strong disinfectant as the odour can offend some cats. Also, disinfectants containing coal tar or carbolic derivatives can actually be dangerous to cats and kittens. You may find that one commercial cat litter is rejected by your cat, while another may be more acceptable. You may have to try several brands before finding a suitable one.
It’s a good idea to take the kitten to their litter box whenever they wake up from a nap, after playing, or has finished a meal. It is also wise not to let them roam around the house unobserved until you’re convinced their using their litter box regularly.
Types of Litter
Clay Litter
Is the more traditional kind of kitty litter. It is inexpensive and tends not get tracked outside the box. Cleanliness in the box is a drawback. With this kind of litter you are not able to clean it completely without dumping the whole tray. This leads to an odour over time.
Clumping Litter
Is relatively new on the market. It is more expensive than the traditional clay but has many benefits. You are better able to clean everything out of the box as the urine forms a clump of litter making removal quick and easy. On this same token you can better monitor your cat’s urinary output on a daily basis. This type does however tend to be tracked outside of the litter box especially in carpeted rooms.