Laird Eglinton Pet Hospital

211 Laird Dr.
Toronto, ON M4G 4G9


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Posted By :    packers and movers pune  (
Posted :    4/11/2016
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Posted By :    Kate crossey
Posted :    11/23/2015
Comments :    I have had nothing but the greatest service. Dr. Franklin and the rest of the staff are terrific. My pup in her short 6 months has been at the vet a number of Times. She just recently got spayed and it all went extremely well except for the part where they said to keep her calm for 10 to 14 days. There is no keeping a GWP calm. I am extremely grateful for the treatment that both my dog and I receive.
Posted By :    Helen Avramidis  (
Posted :    9/25/2015
Comments :    I'd like to thank all the staff, Dr Franklin, Dr. Chiu and most of all Dr. Tung for taking care of all my pets....Maxi, Minnie and Psinos. Maxi was our eldest dog (19 yrs old)...who went to doggy heaven a week ago. Thank you all for taking good care of her and assisting me and my family in making the appropriate decisions in regards to the welfare of our pets. Thank you again and God Bless you all!
Posted By :    brian luck  (
Posted :    2/13/2015
Comments :    I am considering a new Vet for my Cat. He has been going downtown, but now i live up here, and do appreciate the comments of Your Customers. Everything sounds Great. I do hope this Hospital is as Cat friendly, as it is Dog friendly. I asked a question about cat grooming, but only dog grooming is available?? Even a few tips would be handy, and usefull, as my Cat is a purebred Persian, and prone to Hair Matts, unless I meticulously comb him all over, otherwise it is a barbering. I do love His look when his hair is Long, down to the floor, but by then he has matts. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. I will be in to visit you, real soon, for a dental check up for my Cat.
Posted By :    Elaine
Posted :    12/4/2014
Comments :    All my animals come to this wonderful vet office. Everyone is very friendly and very professional. My dog is 15 years old and had his teeth cleaned and a minor eyelid cyst removal. All my cats come here as well. I am pleased to highly recommend the Laird-Eglinton Vet Clinic to all !
Posted By :    Susan Easton-Watley
Posted :    4/16/2013
Comments :    This is a wonderful clinic! All the Vets are professional and compassionate towards the animals and their owners. I recommend the clinic to all animal lovers.
Posted By :    Rowdy  (
Posted :    1/13/2012
Comments :    Unbelievable how well-written and infomrtaive this was.
Posted By :    Joanne Lovachis  (
Posted :    10/13/2011
Comments :    I have bringing my dogs, Bella, Boogie and Marika for many years now. I have had the pleasure of having all three vets look after my dogs. I recently moved to London On and I still do the drive to Toronto for my dogs non-emergency vet care. You have all been great and we will be visiting you soon for their shots. Thank You
Posted By :    Patti Minakis
Posted :    9/9/2010
Comments :    I recently brought in my cat for the first time and I just want to say that Dr Franklin was excellent. Very caring and thorough. Thank you.
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