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Posted By :    Elaine
Posted :    12/4/2014
Comments :    All my animals come to this wonderful vet office. Everyone is very friendly and very professional. My dog is 15 years old and had his teeth cleaned and a minor eyelid cyst removal. All my cats come here as well. I am pleased to highly recommend the Laird-Eglinton Vet Clinic to all !
Posted By :    Susan Easton-Watley
Posted :    4/16/2013
Comments :    This is a wonderful clinic! All the Vets are professional and compassionate towards the animals and their owners. I recommend the clinic to all animal lovers.
Posted By :    Rowdy  (support@staart.fi)
URL :    http://www.bing.com/
Posted :    1/13/2012
Comments :    Unbelievable how well-written and infomrtaive this was.
Posted By :    Joanne Lovachis  (joanne.lovachis@hotmail.com)
Posted :    10/13/2011
Comments :    I have bringing my dogs, Bella, Boogie and Marika for many years now. I have had the pleasure of having all three vets look after my dogs. I recently moved to London On and I still do the drive to Toronto for my dogs non-emergency vet care. You have all been great and we will be visiting you soon for their shots. Thank You
Posted By :    Patti Minakis
Posted :    9/9/2010
Comments :    I recently brought in my cat for the first time and I just want to say that Dr Franklin was excellent. Very caring and thorough. Thank you.
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